Piano Lessons for ChildrenPreshool Activities - Music & Piano lessons

We all know the goodness of music and can't wait to introduce it to our unborn children through prenatal and perinatal music. Some of us enroll our children at music appreciation classes when they are babies and toddlers.

Now that your child is a preschooler, what now?

Are they ready for piano lessons? Are there piano lessons for the young children? Like 4 year olds? We have teachers who are enthusiastic to teach pre-schoolers and are creative and experienced to do so! It could be part of the preschool curriculum that your child enjoys.

Can he/she

  • hold a pen
  • enjoys music
  • can manage 30min lesson filled with fun
  • knows A to G?
  • knows 1 to 5?

If the answers to the above are yeses, then we have we have teachers for your child =) Have lessons at home and enjoy the piano & music lessons with a lovely teacher who love children! If you would like lessons at Teacher's, we have teachers in Jurong West (near Pioneer MRT) and Tanjong Katong.

Piano Lessons for toddlersMusic appreciation programme for newborns & babies & toddlers

Group lessons are available at Jurng West for Music for babies and newborns onwards! Conducted by a certified piano instructor who is a loving mother too!

Music appreciation programme for newborns onwards where singing and playing music to babies has shown to be beneficial to their brain development. Thus babies are given an opportunity to appreciate music and rhythm through different types of instruments, songs and creative movements. Group lessons are at Jurong West for babies and is conducted by a certified piano instructor who is a loving mother too!

Call us now to enquire if you are keen. Thanks!

Music Appreciation for babies