Distinction for Piano Exams - Helpful Templates for Scales Grade 1 to 8



Dear Piano Teacher/ Student, Are you tired of learning or teaching piano scales?

These scale templates are helpful for piano students who have difficulty in reading the notes and both hands coordination. For those Students who are taking piano exams, the templates can help them memorize the fingerings of every scale from Grade 1 to 8 quickly without reading the notes. All major, harmonic and melodic minor scales are included in each set of scale template.

They will also discover which scales have the same fingerings and hence memorize less fingering. The Templates are printed in 3 octaves with fingerings for both hands together and can also be used for practicing both hands in similar and contrary motion or scales of 3rd and 6th apart.

Instruction on how to use the templates

1. Choose the required template according to the scale that you want to play.
2. Place the template on the black keys and align the first fingering indication on the first key to be played.
3. Play the keys according to the fingering indications on the template. They can practice hands separately first before playing with both hands.
4. Keep playing each scale for 5 times or more so that the student can get familiar with the pattern of fingerings, remove the template from the keyboard and play from memory.
5. Practice makes perfect. The more you practice the better you get! Have fun!

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Dimension of the templates folder: 32X15cm
Each folder contains 10 pieces of both sided templates: 28X5cm (folded in half so they can be sloted into the folder)
Template made of art card good material, full length is 56X5cm 3 octaves of scales
Weight: about 0.4kg


Dear Parents, Students & Teachers,

Due to a new educational system called DSA (Direct school admission) in Singapore,many parents send their kids to music lessons, as their kids do well in music, eg.complete piano grade 8 before PSLE, they will stand higher chance in going to well reputed or even the best secondary schools in Singapore. So piano teachers nowadays come across many parents who hold very high expectation on their children, but lot of young kids are facing lot of stress because one of the section in piano exam called 'piano scales' has always worn them out.

This learning aid comprises of a set of templates to be placed on the black keys of piano, with fingerings of both hands printed on the templates. By using them, students can play and memorize all the scales from grade 1-8 within a short period of time, the fastest is they are able to learn and memorize all piano scales in 1 lesson, whereas the traditional way of teaching piano scales will take half a year. Many of my students have found it amazing and miraculous, they urge me to print it out so that the methodology can benefit more piano students and teachers.

In this video, one of my students Dani has realize her dreams of passing piano grade 7 at only primary 5.

Piano Scales Template IntroThis is a patented methodology under IPOS (Intellectual Property of Singapore). Easy Templates for Piano Scales Grade 1 to 8 will be distributed to most music book shops in Singapore very soon. It may be purchase at YourPianoLessons.com at a discounted price of $28.40.


Yours Faithfully,

Jenny Soh
MMUS from Brahms Conservatory in Hamburg, Germany
BMUS from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore