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How to Teach Piano to Kids

Starting a career in teaching piano? Keen to teach piano on a part-time basis or even for a career change? Do you have what it takes to teach piano? Kids make up a majority of students in most cases. Do you have a few tricks or a strategy to teach kids day in day out? If you want to be successful teaching piano, put some thought into this group of people (yes, im talking about kids) seriously and learn tips that you can apply INSTANTLY. This article was written for teachers (and even parents) by teachers. We at YourPianoLessons.com interviewed 5 different Singapore piano teachers of different backgrounds but good 5 to 15 years experience to come up with this power packed ACTIONABLE TIPS you can use immediately. 

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How to Read Beginner Piano Sheets & Play Fur Elise

Being able to play music you love can motivate and inspire you through your beginning learning curve. Beginner piano music sheets are readily available online and many are free. You might want to make use of these simplified piano sheets for beginners to start playing your favourites. Fur Elise is one of the favourites with beginners and is probably one of the most famous composition of all times by Beethoven.

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