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How to keep children interested in piano

How to keep children interested in piano

Learning the piano is meant to be an enjoyable process. Maintaining the engagement and sustaining the interest of the child are the usual uphill tasks that most teachers grapple with. With the right approach, it does not require a Herculean effort to keep his focus in track. In my teaching, I have discovered certain pointers to be most helpful.

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Improvisation Tips for the Classically Trained Pianist - Dr Robert Keane

Little note from me to you

Calling all teachers and students! Want to get some tips on improvisation and spice up your piano pieces? It is our priviledge to be able to share with you on Dr Robert Keane's workshop. Spend the evening (1.5hr) with us on 7th July (Thurs)! To avoid disappointment, call Isabel at 96339728 to reserve your tickets! (Or call me at 9725-5690 if you want to for groups of 3 but is short=))

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Preschool Activities

Piano Lessons for ChildrenPreshool Activities - Music & Piano lessons

We all know the goodness of music and can't wait to introduce it to our unborn children through prenatal and perinatal music. Some of us enroll our children at music appreciation classes when they are babies and toddlers.

Now that your child is a preschooler, what now?

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How many hours of piano practice are you doing?

ist1_7374712-the-piano-teacherThe number 1 complaint piano teachers have about the students must be that they do not practise enough!It is no trade secret that in order to progress when learning a musical instrument, one has to practise enough.

In today's Recruit in Straits Times, there is an article titled 10,000 hours. Do you want to be outstanding in your profession? is discussed that there is a secret formula to achieve the goal of becoming better than your peers, achieve success faster, be outstanding and get the recognition, etc. But there is a bad news, there is no short cut!

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Trial Piano Lesson

Not too sure if the piano teacher is right for your child? Want to meet the piano teacher and discuss before starting lessons? Find out about the trial lesson.

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Grade 5 Theory | Grade 5 Music Theory Revision

Grade 5 Music Theory Revision

Need to pass your Grade 5 theory so that you could do your Grade 6 to 8 Piano Practical Exam? We have the solution, but hurry now, Only 7 weeks left!

Revision on Grade 5 Theory Music  is catered to all Grade 5 students in any music instruments like Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum and etc who are taking their ABRSM Theory Examination on 30 October 2010.

Some of you might need more Grade 5 Theory Music Revision in Singapore or other countries to refresh your knowledge, or some might prefer to study in the comfort of your own home. All you need is to connect to a computer and you can follow my step by step revision to get you ready for your Exam in October.

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